Teoh Jing Rou

Semester 6, Year 3. 2024
BSc.(Hons) Architecture. Taylor's University. Subang Jaya Malaysia.


Memento, inspired by the time capsule concept to preserve the heritage culture of Melaka. This beautiful piece of land is located beside the Melaka River, which the tourists' river cruise and monorail will pass by constantly. Being famous for its heritage town, Melaka has attracted many tourists but its historical significance has always been neglected especially in those areas out of the heritage core zone. Memento is designed for cultural exchange between tourists and locals, bringing back memories of the past.

The brightly-colored facade portrays the inspiration taken from shophouses in Jonker Street, as a continuation of the heritage architectural elements to catch tourists’ attraction. Each of the clustered blocks serve a series of traditional programs in which different elements will be bottled up in a capsule to reminisce the past through five senses.