Nor Hidayah Rosli

M.Arch 2022. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Puncak Alam Malaysia.
DIY, Human Capital Enhancement Centre

The Ephemeral refers to something that is temporary, transient or short-lived. It can be applied to structures, installations or performances that are designed to be used or experienced for a limited period of time before they are dismantled or disappear. 

Used to create unique, immersive experiences that are tailored to a specific time and place. It can also be a more sustainable approach to building, as it reduces the need for permanent structures that may require ongoing maintenance and energy use.

The project is a continuation of semester 2 with a thesis to pursue an architectural approach regarding sense of ephemerality, whether it is to prepare a change and defeat the notion of architecture is permanent. Focused on preparing rooms and space for DIY culture, makers and hobbyist around for them to start and prepare themselves before going a bigger route.