Mohd Aiman Yusuf

M.Arch 2022. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Puncak Alam Malaysia.
Astronomika : Institute for Interstellar Learning + Experience

Astronomika is an institute for research and astronomy school set in Bangi, which seeks to honour cosmology's effort to investigate the origin of stars and architecturally explores the idea of experiences being matters, animating principle and its source of vibrance.

This project aims to bring awareness and educational encouragement regarding astronomy and space science. By formulating the criteria of how architecture sought to bring stimulants in a learning environment, understanding the previous Cosmological Archetype as to serve the architectural forms and spaces

Overall, the institute for Astronomika serves as a visionary and inspiring institution that represents the future of space education and exploration. Its innovative architecture, advanced technology and commitment to sustainability make it a beacon of hope and progress for generation to come.