Eunice Chow Wei Qi

M.Arch 02/2023 . Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. Subang Jaya Malaysia.
The Seedling Hub

The Seedling Hub is driven by the concept of circular interdependence, looking into offering greater resilience to the society and economy in the face of future shocks within the context of Kuantan. While realizing the threat brought upon by urbanization, especially on the disruption of the local food supply chain resulting in food insecurities, it is important to find an alternative solution towards a new century of sustainable agriculture practice to strengthen community preparedness, response, and recovery in short and long-term impacts. The proposed hyperlocal movement intends to connect and cultivate the community towards a sustainable food system based on the 6 key components: collection, processing, cultivation, nutrient recovery, consumption, and distribution. The development and fulfillment of these elements in the form of socio-economic programs should contribute to the adaptation of urban insecurity stresses in strengthening the livelihood and survival of vulnerable urban groups.