Estera Badelita

UoW MArch Year 2 Technical Studies Prize Winner 2023

M.Arch 2023. University of Westminster. United Kingdom

The Watchmen in the Trees.

'The Watchmen in the Trees' urges to address the catastrophic destruction of the forest by the 'wood mafia' and to shed light on the often-disregarded worth of abandoned settlements in Ghedeal Transylvania. It emphasises the significant of designing spaces that function as an organism, fostering unity among people while safeguarding the environment.

The project proposes a protective belt designed not only to engage the local community but also with the species that occupy the forest ranging from brown bears, beetles, worms and woodpecker. 

Through the introduction of new tectonics and innovative building compositions of local materials, the project aims to revitalise the primary industries of the villagers, namely agriculture and farming; by developing the concept of cultivating architecture.

The proposal becomes a garden that protects the forest from deforestation, brings life back into the village, and repopulates.

Insta pic source : ds22westmin

Estera Badelita