Alanis Barreiro

2nd Sem, 1st Year.2023
B.Arch. Florida International University, Miami Florida. US

Artist Patio House

Our Design Brief:

You are asked to design and develop a patio house on a sloped 75’x125’ site in Miami for a hypothetical client– an artist (Doris Salcedo). As you start to interpret and actively search for ideas to generate concepts for your architectural form, challenge your preconceived notions of how one lives – eats, sleeps, works, entertains, etc. (but do not get stuck on pseudo-scientific space-planning) What are the relationships between interior and exterior? Also reconsider the basic elements that make up space – what is a wall, a floor, a roof? However, try not to make things that look like windows, or doors -instead consider that those are merely relationships between the walls. In addition, avoid resorting to conventions such as arches, or tourretes - instead consider the structural necessities of the form.